First batch, August 3, 1995. 5 boxes, Transmitted 7/95


BOX 1 (numbers indicate folders)


1. Scrapbook. Dudley P. Phelps. 1838-1873

2. Book. Biographies, SERVICE RECORD of members WWI. 8/2/25.

3. Register of soldiers. ST. JAMES ARMY CLUB 6/9/19-10/25/17

4. Scrapbook. Amos Padgham, 1880 - 1905.

5. Nine colored slides. Stained glass windows, James St. bldg.

6. Printer's woodcut: Interior of James St. church as built with organ behind pulpit.

7. Photo cut. John Haines Holmes

8. Photo cut. Interior of James St. church after organ was moved to back of sanctuary.

9. Vitaplate. James St. church exterior.

10. Large illustrated Bible with presentation letter to S.J. May from friends. Covers not attached.




Secretaries' minutes of society meetings. Nine books


1. March 11, 1845 - Feb. 8, 1890 - (shifted to Box 1)

2. Feb. 1890 - May 1919

3. July 1, 1919 - Dec. 18, 1932

4. Feb. 8, 1932 - May 10, 1936

5. June 1, 1936 - May 11, 1948

6. June 4, 1948 - Mar. 4, 1958

7. April 1, 1958 - June 7, 1963

8. Sept. 4, 1963 - June 3, 1970

9. June 9, 1970 - Mar. II, 1980


BOXES 3, 4, & 5


27 Scrapbooks containing mostly newspaper clippings and also photographs and other memorabilia. Listed under ministers.


1. Concerning S. J. May, 1844-1868

2. Calthrop Era:




3. Applebee: 1910-1935

4. Argow:




5. Romig:

1942-1945 presented by E. Rosebrugh

April 1941-June 1948 also Canfield


Sept 1942-June 1946

6. Canfield:


June 1948-Dec 1953

7. Zoerheide:

1951-1961 also Canfield

Jan 1954-Dec 1955

Jan 1956-Dec 1959

Jan 1960-Dec 1962 also Fuller

8. Fuller:


Jan 1963-Dec 1964


Jan 1965-Nov 1966

Dec 1966-0ct 1968



Sept 1973-Aug 1974



Second batch, Transmitted 1998


Box 1


John Storer. Minister 1839-1844

1.      Two copies of letter from church members. 1844

2.      Portrait of John Storer, undated

3.      Text of memorial plaque, undated

4.      Xerox copies of archival material gathered by J. Hoefer and I. Baros-Johnson at On. Hist. Soc., UUA and Harvard libraries

5.      Miscellaneous: Typed Statements: Origin of the church, covenant of the Unitarian Congregational Church of Syracuse, Onondaga County Record of meeting to start Unitarian Congregational Society in Syracuse. Longhand: Signers of Covenant, 5-page history of Society through SJ May ministry. Copy of .invitation to Trenton (NY) Church and delegates to installation of John Storer, 1839. (Note from 1866 on funeral of Deacon Peter Vanderkamp.)

6.      Diagram of Pews, Church of Messiah 1843. Record of pew sale, Nov. 24, 1843, 12 "deeds."

7.      Letter and request to John Townsend for lot to erect a church. 1840.

8.      Legal papers re building Church of the Messiah, 1843, 1844.

9.      Consecration of the Church of the Messiah--Program, copy typed from Christian Register Dec. 9, 1843: Account of Dedication of the Church of the Messiah".

10. Postcard from Margaret T. Smith re death and burial of John Storer.

11. Portrait Amelia Bradbury, typed quote from Chase history about her and her school. Four-page historical essay about Syracuse in 1830s and 1840s.

12. House of worship subscribers 1838-1841. Mr. Storer's salary subscribers 1839-1842. Sums obtained by Mr. Storer. dated 1845.

13. Newspaper "New York Christian Messenger" 3 copies, 1841-1843


Samuel Joseph May, Minister 1845-1868

1.      Book of Church Records presented by JPB Storer, leather bound inscribed Alfred Wilkinson, May 1, 1870 Begun by JPBS and continued by SJM. Contains 1838 covenant, membership and marriage records.

2.      Bound Book contains Incorporation of Unitarian Congregational Society in Syracuse, October 4, 1838, recorded by County Clerk Jan. 2, 1839; records of trustee meetings; list of members

3.      Bound book inscribed Alfred Wilkinson, May 1, 1870 inside front cover (detached). Record of organizing meeting and covenant; list of names with dates through 1844

4.      Photographs of SJM: (a) Original 8 1/2 x 11 1/2. (b) 2 copies 8 x 10 by Charles White of large picture in roller. (c) Copy 5 x 7 SJM and George Emerson. (d) 3 copies: SJM and bridal couple, Post Standard Feb. 13, 1944

5.      SJM correspondence: 17 letters to and from SJM dated over years from 1844 when called to Syracuse up to 1868. Terms of employment, loans. Some originals, some copies

6.      2Photocopies SJM letters, Nov. 14, 1857 and undated. 2 Typed copies SJM to trustees 1863. 2 typed copies SJM to Friends, 1856. written memo re number of hours, minutes, L.T. May 1854. List of books, George E. May

7.      Written draft statement SJM mission, 1852

8.      4 miscellaneous clippings

9.      Bound book: Recollections of the Antislavery Conflict by SJM

10. Xerox copies OHA clippings 1850-1865

11. 10-page typed copy Syracuse Daily Journal, 1846, First annual meeting of Syracuse Orphan Asylum

12. Articles and correspondence re busts of SJM at Onondaga Historical Assoc. (OHA) and MMUUS

13. Leather notebook listing subscriptions for annuity for SJM. Oct. 11, 1867. Copies of letters re SJM annuity and hiring S R Calthrop

14. Text of marble plaque installed in wall of James St. church. Cemetery map (1990) site of SJM grave.

15. 100th anniversary of SJM birthday: Program, description of program, copy of prayer, undated

16. Three copies biography of SJM by Joseph May. From "Heralds of a Liberal Faith Vol III, AUA 1915. 2 Mimeographed pamphlets, one Xerox copy.

17. Heretic in Syracuse: Samuel Joseph May 1845 - 1873 by Catherine Covert Stepanek. PhD thesis. 2 copies.

18. Notes, talks and sermons re SJM, typed copies

19. Written notes (John C. Fuller handwriting?) for 111th Jerry Rescue celebration?

20. Cornell Library Journal 1967 article about SJM by Pease and Pease, "Samuel May: Civil Libertarian."

21. 5 sermons by Joseph May, 2 Xerox copies of one of them. Xerox copy of title page Discourse to Cambridge Theological School Graduating Class, SJM 1847

22. Syracuse Village and City by Carroll E. Smith and Margaret Tredwell Smith. OHA 1897

23. Life of Samuel J. May by George Emerson, Samuel May and Thomas J. Mumford. 2 bound books.

24. SJM letter to Harriet Martineau 1853

25. In Memoriam. Samuel Joseph May, 2 paperbound copies, 1871. Samuel Joseph May: a Memorial Study by Joseph May 1898. 2 paperbound copies

26. The Tailor Boy no author 1865. Inscribed SJM 1864. Rocks and Shoals: Lectures to Young Men by George E Hopkins 1870. Inscribed SJM 1870

27. Letter remembrance of SJM by AF Pease to E. Lewis 1928. Xerox copy and typed copy of same

28. Photo Rev. Luther Lee. List 4 sources SJM history

29. List of Church members, 1845

30. Church of Messiah pew diagrams, 1853; before 1867. Lists of pew holders, 1850 - 1863, some undated. Pew contracts 1849 ++; receipts 1864-1865

31. Original Incorporation Certificate Mar 12, 1845, and 2 typed copies

32. Order of Service Dedication of Church of Messiah, 1853--2 copies

33. Lists of pledges for debt, building, salary

34. Accounts, receipts, pledges, 1848 - 1849. Notice of congregational meeting to hire SJM 1845. Notice of conveyance of land 1848. Quit claim signed by members 1868

35. Letter 1844- Ellsworth Phelps- new organ Letter 1852- Holbrook, receipt for use of bell. Two letters 1852- B.D. Simmons new organ proposed and ordered. 2 letters 1853 from John May re Simmons progress on organ. Letter 1853 C.D. Kellog Cobb-organ for sale

36. Committee report: Plan for "General Committee" of Church of the Messiah. List of 21 men, untitled, undated

37. Letter 1852-Trustees to JG Northrup to repair and pay for damages to house and property

38. Pew releases and subscriptions to finance rebuilding. 1852. Mar 12, 1845 Reorganization of U. Congo Society. Registration recorded in village records

39. "Boston Investigator" Wed. Sept 19, 1855. 4-page weekly newspaper for free thinkers

40. Note on supply minister Rev. Joseph Angier, 1859

41. "What Do Unitarians Believe?" Samuel J. May. American Unitarian Association, Boston, MA, no date


Samuel R. Calthrop 1868-1911

1.      Five photographs of Calthrop home Primrose Hill

2.      Seven Photographs: Annie Agan (later Mrs. Franklin Chase), Mrs. R. G. Stone, Bronson Alcott, Mary E. Bagg (Mrs. James L. Bagg), W. B. Cogswell, Mary Gormer White, Frederick Rowland Hazard and Mrs. Dora Gannett Sedgwick Hazard (1880)

3.      Twenty-six photographs: 14 SRC; SRC with two women; John Calthrop brother of SRC; 4 prints together: MMU church, Mrs. Elizabeth Primrose Calthrop, SRC reading, Primfose Hill with SRC on porch; Richard G. Calthrop (son SRC); Large print Mrs. EPC; Elizabeth Calthrop daughter SRC; Henry Cooper reading; Cooper family picnic 1904; MMU church Sunday School, 1897

4.      Photo copies of portraits: 1 of SJM and 2 of SRC

5.      Cassette tape, 7/23/1983 Mary Cooper remembers SRC Transcript of interview, William McLennan" "7/27/1983

6.      SRC letter April (no year) accepting call to Syracuse. Typed copy of report on SRC installation. Typed copy of "Liberal Christian"-SRC asked to stay in Syracuse 2/24/1872. Typed copy of "Syracuse Journal" Aug 8, 1870. Typed copy "The First Grapes" – Amos Padgham

7.      Letters: 2/8/72 to call SRC to Detroit. 6/4/75 Roxbury, MA offers presidency of Antioch College. 3/16/96 from Richard S. (Webster?) nephew re "Venezuelan Blue Book" and British Case. 10/7/1899-GB Spaulding invites SRC to 75th Anniversary of first Presbyterian church. 2/5/1906, 11/14/06, 2/12/07 Letters from Andrew D. White of Cornell to SRC. 11/7/1915 letter from JA Brashear, Ed. Fund Commission re "The Supreme Reality," SRC book with letter from Rabbi Levy enclosed Nov. 19, 1915

8.      Thirty-fifth anniversary of SRC installation 1903: 3 programs, 2 soft-cover booklets and one hardcover book of speeches at installation service. 3 Benediction Cards

9.      Two paperbound books: Notes on the Families of Calthorpe and Calthrop, includes slip with author's name; copy of "Heirs of John H. Calthrop: Part III: "The Lincolnshire Calthrops."

10. Photocopy of a page of The Weekly Recorder Nov 22, 188? The Craftsman magazine 10/1905 contains SRC article

11. Messenger Boy's Christmas Greeting card with verse by SRC from former boys club member


Box 2


12. Diagram of streamlined train from Patent #49227. Article by Edith Calthrop Bump, "The Life of Samuel Robert Calthrop" with rejection slip from Reader's Digest 1947

13. Handwritten articles by Helen Collins Megrew: "Dr. Samuel Calthrop, Onondaga Creek, Earlier Syracuse." Undated

14. slide photo SRC bust. Card from Mrs. Tracy re SRC bust. Page from D. Ashley re SRC bust. Page from Helen Hiscock Eager re chimes and renovations, James St. church

15. Three reprints of "Recollections of the Old Master", Harvard Graduates Magazine, 3. 1923

16. Poems paperbound by Edith Calthrop Bump and" To My Father" by same

17. Typescript and 2 carbons resolution of MMUS trustees re death of SRC. Envelope for George N. Cheney. Two typed statements 1/9/1899 from church members with historical information

18. Clip from MMUS newsletter "Our Wider Ministry" Space-time saying SRC wrote on cardboard. 3 copies. SRC essay "A Day's Life" mounted on cardboard; Two sayings lettered on cardboard; Cardboard and ribbon-bound poetry by SRC, portrait on front cover, photo Primrose Hill on back

19. The Heaven of the Moon, 2 hardbound copies. Printed folder Birthday Tribute to Ernst Held... 6/28/1900. Cardboard and ribbon bound typed "The Heaven of the Moon". 3 printed copies "Summer Evening and Night on the Lake" and a 4th copy mounted on cardboard with SRC portrait

20. Four-page essay by SRC "Sunspots and Weather", typed. Ms. "The Doleful story-of the Cats and the Clover." Notes of SRC sermon "Let Be Light and Light Was." Ms. and typed copy "The Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Sages: a Tale of Hindustan" by SRC

21. Patent # 49 227 8/8/ 1865 by SRC of Roxbury MA. Note about friends whose sons attended SRC's school

22. Fifteen-page lecture by SRC "The Transvaal, Armenia, and Venezuela," undated

23. Twenty-two Bible lessons by SRC 1890-1892

24. Ring-attached printed sermons and addresses by SRC: 14 delivered at MMU church 1895-1902. 14 delivered elsewhere 1858-1895. Paper-bound copy of sermon "One Lord and His Name On expanded from original sermon, undated

25. Printed booklet "The Primitive Gospel" by SRC, 1892. 13 printed sermons in ring binder 1903-1913

26. Hardcover book "The Liberal Club", Buffalo includes SRC lecture "The Debt which Religion Owes to Science," 1891-1892

27. Book by SRC "God and His World" Boston, GH Ellis Co, 1905

28. Book by SRC "The Supreme Reality", Boston AUA 1913. 28A. Letter from CG Girelius, May 14, 1945 to EC Bump re "The Supreme Reality."

29. Silver dollar and list of other articles in corner stone MHU church laid 8/11/1884. (Opened 10/10/1965 in new building East Genesee St.)

30. Dedication of MMU church: Order of Exercises (1 3/4 copies in very poor condition, 10/20/1885. 30A. Photographs of James St. Church on cardboard and of SRC, both undated

31. Two copies bound record of above dedication (one in poor condition) with historical essay and photographs. Sermon by Joseph May

32. Typed copy "Notes from Secretary's pre 1885 records," (typed in 1960s.) Clipping from Syracuse Herald J. Jan 14, 1946 re church corner Burnet & State Sts. (originally Church of the Messiah) bought from German Lutheran congregation by Italian Catholic congregation

33. Loan application 1871. Mortgage 1871. Bond 1871. Satisfaction of mortgage 1878. Loan application 1872. Envelope Whitman and Barnes mfg. Co.

34. List of unpaid subscriptions 1881

35. Notice of filing of proposed route of NY, W Shore & Buffalo Railway Co, 2 copies. Copy of agreement to sell church property to NYWS&B 1882. Letter from above RR asking to purchase all or part of U Church property 1882. Letter from U. Soc. Committee to RR requesting proposal for purchase of entire property, original and copy, 1882. Letter from RR "negotiate a price" 1882. Resolved:  Committee of MMC empowered to negotiate with RR, undated

36. Pencil copy Warranty Deed James St. property 1884. Pencil copy Church title and search 1881 etc. Sketch of property, undated

37. 1884 list: Church of Messiah trustees, officers, pastor, choir, organist, sexton, building committee, architect

38. Four letters and estimate from Butler and Dial re furnaces, 1885-8. Two letters from Alsop Furnace & Stove Co. 1888. Two letters from J. F. Pease Furnace Co. 1888

39. 1872 form letter to go with subscription card. Also 1876, subscription policy will continue to replace pew rents:. Mailed subscription cards, 1876. December, 1905 treasurer's report May Memorial Sunday school. January 1904: Special appeal for subscriptions

40. 1906 Letter from J.D. Pennock (Mrs. Pass's father) to report on church ventilation. Letter from Clerk A. Padgham to Salem Hyde re implementing church ventilation by committee on repairs. Letter from James Barnes to Salem Hyde re repairs to the ventilation.

41. Folder 41 donated to Onondaga Historical Association, March, 1997

42. Folder 42 donated to Onondaga Historical Association, March, 1997.

43. Undated address book: Members of Unitarian Society of Syracuse. 1883 subscription agreement for site and building, list of names and pledges and subscription list for 1888

44. 1891 congregation list, 1895 church directory including historical sketch, officers, committees, constitution, Women's Alliance, Boy's Evening Home. 1903 church yearbook, 3 copies. Program and menu from banquet honoring Andrew D. White, 1879

45. Two copies of the text of speeches at SJ May Centennial Celebration, Oct. 1898. 1907 church directory

46. List of subscribers undated. List of members undated. 1880-1884 subscribers, pledges, total income and expenses

47. Two pew renter consent forms dated 1897, permission to seat others if pew is unoccupied at time of service. 1884 diagram of pews, annual rent, names of renters. (Recovered from 1884 cornerstone in 1963.) Two copies of 1886 Diagram of pews, annual rent

48. "Miss Ellis' sic Mission" by Mary P. Wells Smith, undated, abridged by Anne E. Howard, Boston. 12-page pamphlet describes Cincinnati woman's outreach via printed word and post office

49. Book given to Church of Messiah by SJM 1868, leather bound record of marriages, 1868 -1878

50. Record of some marriages by SRC 1891-1904 and by WWW Argow 1932-1933. Marriage Record and Certificate, Sept. 1873

51. Orders of Service for ordination of Marie H. Jenney 1898, and Albert W. Clark, 1902

52. 1961 Order of Ordination Service of Estella Elizabeth Padgham, and her Certificate of membership in Unitarian Ministers Association, undated

53. Old and New, Journal of Des Moines Unitarian Church Anniversary 1902 mentions E. Padgham and pictures Marie Jenney, minister

54. Order of Service, Sunday evening, March 5, 1899. Very poor condition, mounted on cardboard

55. Sunday School Annual Reports, 1902-03. 1903-04

56. “The Unitarian Calendar" monthly pub. by AUA for MMUS. Four issues, 1910 and 1911

57. 1903 preliminary program National Conference Unitarian and Other Churches. 20th meeting. (Includes listing of sermon by SRC.)

58. "Hymn and Tune Book: for the church and the home," Boston, AUA, 1871. Theo. L. Poole.

59. "Hymnal: amore Dei," compiled by Mrs. Theodore C. Williams, Boston, George H. Ellis, 1891

60. Two stereoscope photos, AW Padgham in England and a residence on South St. Utica, unidentified people

61. Clip from Herald Journal 11/12/1906: Report of SRC sermon: "Pure Religion Undefiled."

62. May Memorial Church financial statements, Oct. 18,' 1909 and Sept. 1910.


Box 3 John H. Applebee, Minister 1911-1929.


1.      Photographs: JHA portrait: JHA in uniform: Mrs. Alice Applebee: JHA 933 Maryland Ave. Syracuse; JHA & AA at home, April, 1914

2.      Program: Service of Installation JHA 1911

3.      JHA Journal Jan 1914- Sept 1917

4.      Five Christmas cards composed by JHA undated. Typed copy of radio talk by JHA 1934

5.      Honor Roll: list of church members in armed services, 1918. Letter, unsigned from MMUS to editor of the Christian Register, 1918. Copy of 1918 letter of recommendation for JHA to Red Cross from MMUS Trustees. 1918 application for passport by JHA

6.      1914 sermon, 3 undated sermons--JHA. "The Wicket Gate" poem by JHA

7.      Women's Alliance invitation to dinner in commemoration of birthday of SRC, Monday, Oct. 11, no year. 1915 or 1926?

8.      Two Record Books of marriages performed by JHA 1899 - 1936 and 1897-1901

9.      Shorthand notes by JHA undated, topic unknown

10. JHA letter of resignation, 1929. Trustees resolution accepting resignation, undated. Proposition to be presented at annual meeting to reconsider JHA resignation. "A Special Fund" for JHA, 3 copies with signed pledges. Copy of letter requesting pledges to Special Fund for JHA

11. Jan. 1938.clippings from Post Standard and Herald Journal on death of JHA. Jan., 1938 JHA memorial service (add date) Remembrance of JHA by Eleanor Rosebrugh (church member) recorded in 1987

12. 30th Annual Meeting of the Unitarian Conference of the Middle States and Canada, Nov. 16, 1914 at May Memorial Church, Syracuse. Order of opening Service and programs for the next two evenings

13. Jan. 13, 1916 Architects blueprints of remodeled front entrance to church building. Typed inventory of property inside building, 6 manuscript pages

14. Proposed budgets and canvass letters, 1915-1930

15. Copy of letter dated June 4, 1917 to James Tracy re Calthrop estate and payments to his family. Copy of letter dated Nov 8, 1917 to James Tracy about raising money for Mrs. Calthrop's support and expenses for a church music. Bid submitted for George W. Reed for painting and repair of spire and roof, Apr. 4, 1919. Contract for repair of spire and roof. Copy of report of inspection of church building by Walter W. Edwards to Society President, Sept 27, 1920. Copy of letter requesting that repairs be made. Sept 27, 1920. Letter Sept 30, 1920 to FR Kimmey requesting estimates for repairs listed. Copy of letter recommending renovation and redecorating of church and organ, Dec. 27, 1920. Copy of letter requesting proposed installation of new furnace, Jan 31, 1921. Letter dated Mar 31, 1921 re changing church heat heating system to steam. May 31, 1921, copy of letter authorizing repairs. June 12, 1921 agreement authorizing repair and redecoration of interior of sanctuary. Sept 1921 letter of agreement regarding new woodwork behind pulpit. Artists drawing of proposed new woodwork

16. Memorandum of agreement to build and install new organ by July 15, 1911. specifications for the organ. Copy of letter, Apr. 27, 1911 re installation of organ

17. Letter to the congregation, July 1923 re Week of Mission, services by Dr. William M. Sullivan. (Note: JMH 1997, Was this Unitarian answer to Billy Sunday?) Invitation to seven evening meetings with William L. Sullivan DD. A copy of Layman's League introduction to Dr. Sullivan. Typed copy "A Forecast of Christianity” with suggestions for work after Dr. Sullivan's Mission by H. W. Jordan 1923

18. Church directory 1911-1912. Xerox copy of seating chart for sanctuary. Envelope containing original of seating chart

19. A card for 100th birthday of Harriet S. Mills (Mrs. C. de B. Mills) 1926. Photos of (l) Mrs. Goodrich, (2) Mrs. Mills, Bigelow and Goodrich

20. Typed copy of talk given at Calthrop dinner, Oct. 7, 1927: "A Radiant Personality: Dr. Samuel R. Calthrop." Essay or sermon in question and answer form, "The New consciousness of God." No date or author

21. Memorial tributes on death of James Barnes. 2 copies. also Capt. Philip Lighthall and Charles W. Snow

22. Playbill for Junior young people presentation of "The Princess Marries the Page" and "The Unseen." May 192?

23. AUA pamphlet "The Layman and the Church" by Salem Hyde, member of MMC. Also Women’s Alliance pamphlet "A Christmas Address" by Salem Hyde 1919. Remarks by Salem Hyde at funeral service of Charles De B. Mills, undated

24. "Why a Unitarian Believes and What" by H. W. Jordan 1926

25. Sketch of young boy by Ethe1 Blanchard Collver 1921

26. Order of Service for ordination of Wilton Edson Cross 1918. 3 sermons by Wilton Cross, printed pamphlet

27. Typed copy "The Poetic Beauty of the Bible" no date or author

28. Printed sermon "When Half-Gods Go" Elizabeth Padgham 1929

29. Resolution passed by Women's Alliance: On death of Dr. Applebee

30. 1911-1912 program of the Unitarian Club, MMC men's group

31. Order of service May 24, 1925--100th anniversary of AUA

32. Copies of information Gabriel Csiki from Unitarian church in Transylvania and announcement dated 1921 of his sermon on Sunday

33. 30 pages partly typed and partly manuscript--history of Unitarianism. No author or-date. Galpin?

34. Press release, letter to congregation, program of conference of Mohawk Valley Unitarian churches April 1923. Held at MMC

35. Announcement of pilgrimage to Barneveld church, June 1926. Publication of Meadville Theological School listing John Applebee as trustee 1928

36. Seven programs of free organ recitals at MMC in 1912, 1913, 1914. Dedication program included

37. Two orders of service for First Methodist Episcopal church, Syracuse, Dec. 1913 and Apr. 1914 announcing joint choirs with May Memorial

38. Pastor's 4-page report to Annual meeting by Rev. Wilton E. Cross 1919. Card announcing installation of WE Cross as minister of U. Society of Peterboro, NH. order of Service of Installation of Rev. Cross at Peterboro

39. Announcement of Lawn festival to benefit Orphan's Home June 1921

40. Announcement of next four Sunday services, May 1922, and announcement of joint Thanksgiving service and other future events Nov, 1922

41. Probate notices regarding money left to MMC by HL Snow 1930, WB Cogswell 1919, Cornelia S. Bigelow 1919, Anne H. Chase 1926, Mary E. Wieting Johnson 1927. Agnes A. Morgan, 1923

42. Resolution from congregation to Wm. Howard Taft expressing gratitude for his efforts on behalf of international peace and good will. Copy of accompanying letter, May, 1911

43. Bound book listing names from membership book 1838 to 1931

44. Letters, service records, etc. relating to church members serving in WWI and WWII. (Service records of MM Church members 1917--already sent to Bird Library.)

45. Flier and letter on joint program of Layman’s League and Women’s Alliance "Seeking the Cause of Industrial Harmony" Nov. 3, 1921

46. Weekly Calendars with orders of Sunday services 1911-1919

47. Weekly Calendars with orders of Sunday services 1920-1926

48. Weekly Calendars with orders of Sunday services 1927-1929/30

49. “The Bulletin" vol. 1, no. 2, May 5, 1919


Box 4 Waldemar W. W. Argow Era Oct 1930 - Feb 1941


1.      Order of service Kings Chapel, Boston MA, March 1937. Rev. Argow, weekday ministry

2.      Brief sketch of MMC, Syracuse, NY. In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of MMC dedication, Oct 1885-1935, by Rev. Applebee. Copy of three hymns arranged by Mrs. Argow for the Anniversary service, Oct. 1935

3.      Orders of Service: Argow installation, Oct 28, 1930, Valedictory, Feb. 23, 1941

4.      Report of Evaluation Committee June 3, 1940

5.      Letter from Rev. Argow accepting call to May Memorial Church, June 1930. Invitation to installation service for Rev. Argow, Oct 28, 1930. Annual reports of the minister 1930, 1931, 1933. Letter from Argow to church members Dec. 29, 1940 re resignation. Letter to Editor (unsigned copy) Feb. 24, 1941 thanking the community for their good will and support. Invitation to reception Feb 16, 1941 for Dr. and Mrs. Argow at time of their leaving

6.      Copy of Board of Trustees resolution Jan 12, 1941 accepting Argow's resignation. Copy of letter to Henry Wilder Foote, Jan 7, 1941 inviting him to be interim minister at MMC. Copy of letter to HW Foote, Jan 14, 1941 stating terms of employment as interim. Letter from HW Foote, Jan. 16, 1941 accepting position as interim. Letter from FM Eliot, June 19, 1941 supporting choice of Mr. Romig as new minister.

7.      Correspondence between WSYR and Rev. Argow concerning broadcasting Sunday services. 1937 to 1940. Letter from Onon. Health Assn., Dec 21, 1936 concerning radio broadcast and copy of Dr. Argow s presentation

8.      Copies of sermons and other writings by Rev. Argow 1934-1939

9.      Published booklets: An Argosy of Meditations, Victorious Living, Lenten meditations by Rev. Argow. 51 handwritten daily meditations for Lent and Easter, undated

10. Published book of meditations, titled "Beyond," 1929 Rev. Argow. Christmas poem, "A Thought for Christmas" from WWW Argow and Elsie Argow in Baltimore, dated 1959

11. Invitation to 1938 centennial. Card listing program for centennial week. List of people who sent congratulatory letters or wires. Letters received from Ellsworth Reamon, Wm. G. Vinal, Dana Greeley, John Haynes Holmes. Order of service for centennial service, Oct 16, 1938. Photograph of WWW, Elizabeth Padgham, Judge FH Hiscock who took part in the service. Program for centennial banquet, Oct 20, 1938. Names of people at the head table. Signatures of guests at the banquet. Photograph showing Frederick May Eliot, WWW Argow and William F. Canough. Press release to Herald Journal on centennial celebrations dated Oct. 12, 1938

12. "A Backward Glance O'er Traveled Roads" by Helen Saddington and Elizabeth Walsh, a history of MMC 1838-1938. Two copies

13. Photographs of interior of MMC, 1935 Easter decoration. Two small photos of interior, undated. Recollections by Joyce Ball made in 1988 re remodeling of sanctuary in Argow era

14. Photo MMC exterior 1941? Article from AUA magazine Christian Register on acquisition of Parish house by MMC, undated, (1940?). Copy of original article sent to Christian Register Nov, 13, 1940, unsigned. Leather bound book listing contributions and workers in purchase and redecoration of Parish House, 1940-1941. Responsive reading and hymn used at dedication. (2 copies) Two copies of program for dedication of Parish House, Feb. 16, 1941. Press release for dedication of PH, undated, sent to Christian Register and Syracuse newspapers. Announcement of Congregational Meeting re purchase of parish house, Sept 27, 1940. Letter announcing dedication of PH dated Feb. 11, 1941, from Argow to church members

15. Canvass brochure Dec. 1935. May 1937, Records of church activities 1933-34 and 1938 -39

16. Papers by William Yerington, 2 typed, 1 printed

17. March 16, 1933 memorial service of JL Cheney' and funeral sermon by WWW Argow on Dec 2., 1932

18. Copy of condolence letter from MMC Board of Trustees to Judge Hiscock on Mrs. Hiscock's death April 1937. Sunset Vesper service in the Hiscock's garden June 7, 1935

19. Excerpts from Board of Trustees meetings, Feb 8, 1890, Jan, 1931

20. Program for Mohawk Valley Conference, Oct 24 & 25, 1930, held at MMC. 2 copies

21. Information: annual Pilgrimage to Barneveld Church 1935

22. Argow's Statement of Arbitration Decision, Nov 1, 1940

23. Appraisal committee 1939

24. Argow--miscellaneous writings

25. Lists of Bd. Trustee Chairs (Presidents) and Organists

26. Letter re Moravian Candlelight Service Date??

27. Orphan's Home Playground pamphlet by Mrs. James C. Tracy

28. Annual Reports, mostly handwritten, 1934 - 1941

29. Data for Unitarian Year Book, 1933

30. Appraisals of James St. Church, 1927, 1932, 1936. Letter: Stained glass appraisal, marble busts of May and Calthrop, 1927. Women's Alliance inventory, 1932

31. Argow letter, May 9, 1938 on spiritual revival in the congregation

32. 3 letters regarding portraits of Samuel Joseph May

33. Brief summary of church work, 1935, by Helen MacKnight and brief history of the Society prepared by Dr. Applebee

34. Sermon by H. W. Foote, interim minister, Mar. 16, 1941

35. Proposed budgets 1931-1932

36. Laymen's League: Program 1928-1929, 1933-1934. Minutes of executive committee 11/24/1933. Annual Reports, June of 1936, 1938, 1939 and 1940

37. Orders of Service, some Volumes incomplete, from Vol. 1 1930 through Vol. 11 1940-Feb. 1941

38. Chart by A. W. Towne, "Facts Concerning Men’s Clubs in Certain Syracuse Churches," 1932-33.


Box 5 Robert E. Romig Minister 1941-1946


·        Flyer announcing church carnival, dated Apr 30, no year. notice that Temple Adath Yeshurin will award a certificate of merit to Mr. Romig on Feb 16, 1945. Notice of formation of church register Mar. 9, 1944. Copy of member questionnaire for register. Flyer, undated, asking for donations of clothing to USC for 9r overseas. Annual Reports of Committees, 1943-44, 1944-45. Civic Lenten service program Apr 23, 1943. Four items from Symmachus Trading Company offering to sell MMC a letter signed by John Wilkinson in 1840. This letter is now in Storer file. Annual reports of committees 1941-42, 1942-43. Annual Report of RE Council

·        Script of skit portraying Dr. Calthrop starting the Syracuse Boy's Club, undated. Order of service Dec. 13, 1942 when skit was presented. Two pamphlets of Syracuse Boy's Club undated. "Syracuse Boy's Club News, Nov 1942." Press release about the 50th Anniversary of the Syracuse Boy's Club. Dated 1942

·        Brief biography and references for Mr. Romig, undated

·        Invitation card for reception for Rev. and Mrs. Romig on Sunday, Oct. 5, no year. Order of service for installation of Rev. Romig on Oct 15, 1941

·        Two photographs of Mr. Romig

·        Letter to church members from Mr. Romig announcing his resignation, dated Feb 26, 1946. Notice of special congregational meeting to act on Mr. Romig's resignation and to elect:, a pulpit committee dated Feb 26, 1946. Copy of letter of appreciation to Mr. Romig from the congregation, date added later, May 1946

·        Eight sermons by Rev. Romig, 1941-43

·        Meditation cards by Rev. Romig, 1941-45

·        Two letters regarding purchase of new chairs from Mottville Chair Works, Jan 1941

·        Description of church property 472 James St., Oct. 1946; of parish house 466 James St. Nov. 1940; of parsonage 913 Comstock Ave. Jan 1942. Rough outline sketch of 466 James St. (Van Duyn property) Nov. 1940

·        Letters to congregation dated Feb. 14, 1945 from Bd of Trustees informing them of tribute to be paid to Rev. Romig at Friday services Feb. 16, 1945 at Temple Adath Yeshurun

·        Outline history of May Memorial, one page

·        Biographic sketch of Romig 1944-46. Two items from UUA Archives, hand written notes on church improvement 1942-44

·        Chart showing location of stained glass windows in sanctuary 472 James St. Description of people to whom the windows were dedicated

·        Order of Worship for service held at First Church, Boston, May 23, 1946 for those Unitarians who gave their lives in World War II. Covering letter from president of UUA. Romig letter Nov. 1944 to men and women in Armed Services. Dedication of Service Honor Roll May 16, 1943

·        MMC constitution in force in 1944 and proposed revision. Announcement of formation of revision committee

·        Correspondence with Syracuse Consumer/Farmer Milk Cooperative about sale of milk to neighborhood families, 1942-1943

·        Letter from Elizabeth Padgham declining to serve on Board of Trustees, Sept 27, 1943

·        Correspondence on broadcasts of Sunday sermons on station WSYR, July 1943

·        Letter from W. W. Robbins of Meadville Theological School about Rev. Romig's lectures there, Mar. 7, 1945

·        Orders of Service 1941-1943

·        Orders of Service 1943-1946

·        Newsletters “Syracuse Unitarian” Sept. 1941-June 1945

·        Newsletters “Syracuse Unitarian” Sept. 1945-June 1946


Glenn O. Canfield, Minister 1946-1952


1.      Letter from Canfield to Carl Ashley inquiring about his arrival and possible housing arrangements, June 13, 1946. Copy of letter to Canfield regarding sharing parsonage with Romigs, unsigned, July 1, 1946. Letter: Canfield to Carl Ashley, will arrive July 31, dated July 4, 1946. Copy of letter Ashley to Canfield: repair and redecoration of parsonage, July 10, 1946

2.      Order of Service: Installation of Rev. Canfield, Oct. 13, 1946. Invitation card for installation. 3 copies of letters to people invited to installation: date changed to Oct. 18, 1946

3.      2 photographs and a negative of Rev. Canfield, undated

4.      Radio sermons by Rev. Canfield, 1950-1951

5.      2 pamphlets by Canfield, one dated May 1946

6.      Architect's conception of the facade of church of the Messiah (State and Burnet Sts.) with letter from artist Thomas J. McCormick, Jr., July 30, 1949

7.      40-page paper "Religion and the Tax-Supported School" by Eleanor Rosebrugh, AUA, 1949

8.      Article from "Christian Register" Jan. 1949, "Inside UUA: II - The Syracuse Method. Photograph of church members at kick-off dinner for United Unitarian Appeal, used in above article. Smaller copy of same photo dated Oct. 28, 1948 and naming speaker, John Fisher

9.      2 photos of group at grave of Samuel J. May, dated May, 1949

10. Letter from Richard Greene to MMUS Board President: the Layman's League requests use of a room for a Boy Scout Troop they will sponsor. Copies of letters from Carl Ashley to (a) Scoutmaster about damage done boys to building and furnishings, Dec. 6, 1947; (b) local BSA Executive re discontinuing use of church for scout meetings, Jan 27, 1949

11. Correspondence June 13, 1946 to Aug 23, 1946, relating to roof repairs

12. Half-page print of 472 James St. and Parish house

13. Leather bound book of signatures: people attending 50th anniversary celebration of ordination of Rev. Elizabeth Padgham

14. Stereoscope slide of Padgham home, 17 Shonnard St., (or #120?) Syracuse. List of beneficiaries in Padgham's will, dated Dec. 15, 1952. 5 x 7 portrait of E. Padgham April, 1933. Clergyman's Record: funeral of E.. Padgham, Dec. 4, 1952, by Robert Zoerheide. Judicial settlement of Padgham's will dated Apr.16, 1954. Letter from executor to MMC re enclosed check distributive share of Padgham estate. Judicial settlement of accounts Padgham estate filed April 15, 1954. Letter from First Trust to Brainard Fancher re insurance policies on Padgham home. Record of money received by MMUS from sale of Padgham furnishings, dated Feb. 19, 1953. List of investment holdings in Padgham estate, copy of letter from HB Fancher re disposal of some estate holdings, Jan 27, 1954. Copy of preliminary report of Committee on Padgham estate, undated. Copy of last will and testament of E. Padgham. Photo of Padgham house, 120 Shonnard St, Syracuse

15. 8 x 10 photo of Rev. Elizabeth Padgham at dinner with Gladys Timmerman (server), Rev. Dale Dewitt, Rev. Canfield, Sept 25, 1951. Matted copy of 8x 10 photo above. 8 x 10 photo of all guests at the table

16. Copy of letter from Canfield inviting Rev. Keubler to dinner honoring E. Manwell and J. Gould on Sept 27, 1949. Dated Sept 9, 1949. Photo taken at dinner: E. Manwell, F. M. Eliot, Warren Walsh, J. Gould

17. 5-page lecture: "How Can We Improve Our Schools?" by Dr. W. D. Sheldon, given May 7, 1950. Sunday forum? (The Forum was a regular activity every Sunday before the service.)

18. Sermon by William Yerington given at MMC, Layman's Sunday, May 23, 1948

19. Church mailing list (copy) March, 1948

20. Budget passed at annual Meeting, June 6, 1946. Canvass letter from Finance committee Chair" J. C. Timmerman, May 13, 1947. Canvass letter from President C. Ashley May 8, 1947. Five letters (4 copies, 1 original) re mortgage to UUA for loan to repair roof. Dates: Oct. 1946 - Feb 1947

21. Committee reports for annual Meeting. June 1947. Final budget, June 12, 1947

22. Letter to members from Glenn and Betty Canfield Nov. 11, 1951 requesting permission to continue living at parsonage until end of January, 1952. Letter to congregation dated Dee 6, 1951 inviting them to attend reception honoring Canfields on Dec. 16, 1951

23. Ballot form for Pulpit Committee election on Nov 18, 1951. Seven pages of needs and suggestions: "What Do We Need from the Church" resulting from neighborhood meetings held Jan 13 - 21, 1952? Three-page summary of findings of neighborhood meetings. Report of neighborhood meetings held Feb 10-25, 1952: "To Meet Our Needs"--suggestions for action. Summary of replies to Pulpit Committee Questionnaire

24. Announcement to congregation of intention to enlarge parish house, Dec. 15, 1950. Dedication ceremony for new kindergarten room on Nov 2, 1951

25. Reports of president and committee chairs, Annual Meeting 1952

26. Charter and by laws of MMC branch of Unitarian Service Committee. Announcements of meeting to be held Oct. 10, 1950 about USC activities. First Annual Report to members of MMC branch of USC giving history and finances of the committee from MS Dooley, president of USC branch.. Photo undated: Rev. Romig, Eleanor Rosebrugh, Rev. Canfield, Elizabeth and Warren Walsh. Letter from MMC/USC committee to members concerning changes in its charter and by-laws. May 29. 1950. Copy of proposed changes to charter and by-laws, page 1 missing

27. Letter dated Jan 22, 1951 announcing opening of Beacon Bookshop at MMC. Two fliers about Fairless Fair, dated Oct. 19, 1951 and Nov 15, 1951

28. Review of church activities in 1946-1947 church year by finance committee, May 13, 1947

29. Letter from Syracuse Public Library Director acknowledging gift of books (not listed) from MMUS Nov. 10, 1948

30. Steering committee members and Social Action Committee program. Nov. 3, 1946

31. Orders of Service Sept 1946-June 1949

32. Orders of Service Sept 1949-March 16-1952

33. Newsletters: Syracuse Unitarian Aub. 1946-Dec. 1947. May Memorial Times May-June 1947 (news and annual reports). Unitarian Newsletter Jan. 1948-June 1949


Third batch, Transmitted 2008


Robert L. Zoerheide, Minister 1952-1961


1.      Invitation to reception for Zoerheides, Oct. 2, 1952. Four photos, 1 large, 3 small, taken after installation of Mr. Zoerheide.

2.      Letter of Resignation from Mr. Zoerheide.

a.      Letter to BOT from President John Chamberlain regarding probable resignation of Rev. Zoerheide, December 24, 1960.

b.      Letter from President John Chamberlain to congregation regarding Rev. Zoerheide’s resignation, Jan 25, 1961.

c.      Letter to congregation from Rev. Zoerheide announcing his resignation.

d.      Invitation from John Chamberlain to a reception for the Zoerheide family and regarding possible contributions toward gift for the Zoerheides.

3.      Letter from Rev. Argow to Rev. Zoerheide, dated Mar. 22, 1960 acknowledging receipt of letter from Zoerheide regarding Argow's retirement.

4.      Two photos of Mr. Zoerheide:

a.      In pulpit (large)

b.      Seated at desk (small).

5.      Sermons by Mr. Zoerheide.

a.      New Dimensions of Unitarianism, circa, 1956

b.      Unitarianism: An Opportunity, circa, 1959.

6.      Letter from BOT to church members opposing California loyalty oath – signed by Rev. Zoerheide – June 10, 1958.

7.      A Brief History of MMC, unsigned, dated December, 1964.

8.      Yearbooks and related information

a.      Yearbooks for MMC - 1952-53 through 1955-56.

b.      Officers and trustees listed for 1960-1961.

c.      Officers of affiliated organizations, undated.

9.      Church mailing list, Sept., 1957.

10. "The Congregation Studied Its Needs" by Eleanor Rosebrugh, May, 1952

a.      A report for congregations from AUA.

b.      Report of the Survey Follow-up Committee, May 20, 1954.

11. Citizens committee of the Onondaga County children’s court

a.      Letter dated October 27, 1953, regarding a workshop held at MMC parish house by the Citizens Committee.

b.      Letter to BOT thanking MMUS for the use of church space.

12. Letter to Mr. Zoerheide from chair of Elm crest Board of Managers dated Mar. 16, 1956, concerning representatives from MMC.

13. Two Memorial tributes to Rev. Elizabeth Padgham, Dec. 1952.

14. Programs for Spring Banquet and Annual Meeting, 1956-1961. Text of award citations, 1957.

15. Syracuse choral concert program May 11, 1954, held to acknowledge use of MMC parish house for rehearsals.

16. Order of Service held in 1954 at the Fifth Regional Convention of Middle Atlantic U-U Churches.

17. Miscellaneous President's and Committee Annual Reports, 1952-58, incomplete.

18. Unitarian and Universalist merger material

a.      Carlyle Ashley letter – 2-10-53

b.      Reasons for favoring U – U Union

c.      Before We Go To  Andover

d.      Eleanor Rosebrugh letter

e.      Denominational Affairs Committee letter

f.       News of the Unitarian World article – 5-59

g.      Merger Needs True Majority article – mid-summer 1959

h.      Specific Merger Plan is Prepared – mid-summer 1959

i.        Condensed version of plan to consolidate the two denominations.

j.        Order of morning worship – 11-1-59

k.      Proposed constitution of UUA – October 1959

l.        Final program of 1959 General Conference, Oct 27- Nov 1 held in Syracuse

m.    Statement of purpose from proposed constitution and from constitution of MMC

n.      U – U Merger Fact Sheet

o.      Program of concert, Oct. 28, 1959, at Unitarian Assembly

p.      A note on what was not scanned

q.      Photo Prof Ralph Kharas, MMC member, who chaired merger conference

r.       Photo: Dorothy Wertheimer and John Chamberlain who organized volunteers for the conference

19. Letter to congregation from Rev. Zoerheide welcoming new church year, Sept 7, 1960.

20. Program for UUA May Meetings, May, 1961 in Boston. Rev. Zoerheide speaker at minister's meeting.

21. Certificate of Appreciation from USC to MMC 1956. USC Annual Meeting program, Syracuse branch, April 19, 1959. Farewell citation to William Sheldon leaving for USC project in Cambodia.

22. Certificate of Appreciation to UU Society in Syracuse for 1956-57 from Director of United Unitarian Appeal.

23. Letter to congregation from Finance committee, May 1960 with summary of church budget for coming year.

24. Letter from RLZ to Syracuse U. students promoting Campus Club. Flier for LRY Spring Conference held at MMC, April 1957.

25. Copy of Post Standard Article, May 30, 1955 by MMC member Ernest Bowden. Typed copy of poem by Bowden.

26. Long Range Planning Committee Reports, March-April, 1961.

27. Cathy Covert papers on Samuel May

a.      "The Remarkable Mr. May" Feb. 13, 1972, talk by Cathy Covert.

b.      "Heretic in Syracuse" by Cathy Covert Stepanek, undated, Circa 1970.

28. MMC constitution as amended on May 15, 1958.

29. Membership brochures. Undated.

30. Memorial tribute to Felix Frank by Rev. Zoerheide.

31. Yearbook, newsletters, RE material

a.      1955-56 yearbook

b.      Church newsletters, 1955-57

c.      Miscellaneous RE material – 1956-57.

32. Letter opposing removal of May and Calthrop busts from front of sanctuary.

33. Reprint from Redbook magazine of article titled “A Miracle Grew out of Their Heart," November, 1953.

34. "Welcome to May Memorial" a 6-page pamphlet for new-comers including church history and programs.

35. Two graphs showing changes in church membership 1935-1960.

36. Three letters related to completion of payments of loan dated Aug., Sept., and Nov. 1953.

37. Faith Service Freedom of Belief brochure with photo of expansion drive committee and related letter, 1956.

38. Long Range Planning Committee report, undated.

39. Pulpit Committee procedures, 1961

a.      Procedure for the selection of a new minister – 3-13-61

b.      Results of congregational questionnaire.

c.      Letter to congregation on Rev. Fuller’s arrival and Rev. Zoerheide's farewell letter.

40. Selected Orders of Service 1952-1954.

41. Selected Orders of Service 1954-1961.

42. Selected Unitarian Newsletters Sept. 1953-Dec. 1954.

43. Selected Unitarian Newsletters Sept. 1955-May 1961.




44. Multiple letters, reports, fact sheets, etc. regard expansion and eventual building plans – 1956-1961

45. Paul Rudolph correspondence and plans April through Dec. 1960 – the initial architect for the new church but later rejected.

46. Four letters relating to map of 3800 E. Genesee St. property; 1957 map.

47. Subsurface investigation report 1957. Soil test report, 1963.

48. Program, Space, Site Studies Jan-June 1961.

49. New church building bills and contracts, 1957-1960.

50. Legal descriptions of James Street and parsonage property.

51. Committee Report and legal description of East Genesee St. property.

52. 1961 Committee to consider renovation of the James St. church and parish.

53. Congregational meetings, April 16 and April 30, 1961 considering a vote to move to Genesee St. site.

  1. Various letters, reports, meeting minutes, etc. pertaining to a new building committee and decisions on the Jamesville Street church, 1961-1963


 John Fuller, Minister 1961-1973


1.      Pulpit committee prepares for new minister search

a.      Vacant pulpit notice to the Dept. of Ministry - 8-1-61

b.      Introduction to the church and the community by the pulpit committee, March, 1961

c.      Summary of replies to pulpit committee questionnaire, 1961

d.      Report of pulpit committee, May, 1961

e.      Letters to John Fuller offering terms of employment, June 18, 1961

f.       Letter to congregation from Board chair, John Chamberlain date June 22, 1961, announcing John Fuller's acceptance of call to May Memorial; farewell letter from Robert Zoerheide

g.      Letter from John Fuller accepting the call, June 18, 1961

h.      Letter from John Fuller giving permission to notify congregation of acceptance, June 20, 1961

2.      Pulpit Committee report to trustees, February 23, 1962

a.      Special committee to study the role and responsibilities of the ministry

b.      Special committee on minister's jog -report to BOT - 2-28-62

c.      Pulpit Committee (members) - 1961

3.      BOT material related to Rev. Fuller's installation

a.      Letter inviting members and friends to Rev. Fuller's installation

b.      Program - installation service for John Fuller, March 25, 1962

4.      Photo of John Fuller taken September 4, 1963

5.      Letters and other material related to John Fuller's health 1969-1973

a.      Letter from John Fuller to BOT regarding taking time off because of his

health - 3-3-64

b.      John Fuller reporting on his health, April 23, 1964

c.      Church newsletter with message about Rev. Fuller's health - 5-5-68

d.      Proposal by Bob Burdick, undated, about helping with ministerial duties

e.      Letter from John J. Duggan, MD, dated February 2, 1973, reporting on

JF's health Note: The following on a farewell service at the James St.

church are separated out into Folder 5a

f.       Program for farewell service - 9-2-64

g.      Address by Elizabeth Manwell - 9-20-64

h.      Notes for Rev. Fuller's sermon, "The Heritage We Take With Us"

September 20, 1964

i.        Personal letter from E. Manwell typed - 9-24

j.        Personal letter from E. Manwell hand-written - 9-24 Note: The following

is on school integration in Syracuse and the material is separated out into

Folder 5b

k.      Public Affairs committee motion in support of Syracuse Board of


l.        Plans for the achievement of racial integration in the Syracuse schools

m.    Explanation of the background leading to the call for a special meeting

n.      Notice of the special congregational meeting

o.      President's report noting passage of the resolution on school integration Note: The following is related to architectural drawings of the East Genesee Street church and are separated out into Folder 5c

p.      Front end of interior of sanctuary

q.      Exterior view

6.      Minister' s annual reports

a.      1965

b.      1966

7.      Constitution change, related congregational meeting, May, 19, 1968

a.      Constitution of MMUUS

b.      Summary of discussion on constitutional revision meeting

c.      Letter of concern regarding RE

8.      Outline - MMUS history, programs , minister, staff, etc.

9.      Pulpit committee -1967-68

a.      Basic structure plan of RE

b.      Report of committee to study administrator for RE program

c.      Background information about Syracuse and our church

d.      Letter from President V. Johnson to Ron Clark informing him of

congregation ' s vote to call him as assistant minister

e.      Program for the ordination and installation of Ron Clark

f.       Notice of settlement to the Department of Ministry

10. Correspondence between Robert Newman and Ron Clark dated March 13, 1968,

March 29, 1968 , and April 29, 1968

a.      Letter from Ron Clark expressing interest

b.      Letter from Robert Newman to Ron Clark 3-29-68

c.      Letter from Ron Clark concerning visit to Syracuse

d.      List of references for Ron Clark

e.      Letters from R. Manwell on RE issues and philosophy - 1968-69

11. Photographs of Ron Clark family

a.      Ron Clark

b.      His wife, Sharon

c.      Daughter Kristen

d.      Son Kevin

e.      Ron Clark with church school in sanctuary

12. Sermons delivered at MMUS by Ron Clark

a.      "The Unconditioned" and "Symbols for the Unconditioned"

b.      "The Morality of Flower Power"

c.      "Rite of Passage"

d.      "Some Thoughts on Religious Education"

e.      "Don't Rain on My Parade"

f.       "The Jack Armstrong Syndrome -Revisited"

13. Correspondence about Rev. Clark's resignation

a.      Letter from Rev. Clark submitting his resignation - 11-16-70

b.      Letter from President J. Pia to congregation informing them of Ron Clark' s resignation - 12-1-70

14. Evaluation of Ron Clark's ministry at MMUS by President David Koberness to Ministerial Fellowship, UUA, 1969

15. Photographs of G. Abbott and W. McLennan opening the box from the cornerstone of the MMUC at 472 James St., October 1965

16. Contents of cornerstone box - 12 newspapers from July and August, 1884,

including 1 from Boston, and 2 by Syracuse papers in German

17. Orders of Service, June 7, 1964; children's Sunday; cover drawing of Parish

House done by Joanne Ashley; drawing of James St. church by Joanne Ashley use

for farewell service cover, September 20, 1964; drawing of MMUS Genesee St.

by J. Ashley shown in Folder 17a

18. St. Lawrence Beacon, November, 1964, containing memorial to Elizabeth


19. Material relating to stain glass windows at 472 James Street

a.      Folder -"Windows -Stained Glass;" photos of 10 windows

b.      Letters from several people related to the windows

c.      Various descriptions of windows, families that gave them, the people to whom they are dedicated, and where they were

20. Distribution of various objects from James St. church, 1973

a.      Location of Samuel Joseph May plaque and other plaques

b.      Distribution of various objects

21. Notes on MMUUS history

a.      Notes and information regarding MMUS tradition, heritage, and memories

b.      Note - The following is in a separate folder, shown as 21a: Various individual letters about history

c.      Note - The following is in a separate folder, shown as 21b: Lecture byJohn Fuller delivered to the Women's Alliance, January, 1962, "Traditional and Heritage of MMUS"

22. Letter to congregation from V. Johnson, president, regarding Jo Gould's resignation, October 11, 1967

a.      In a separate folder shown as 22a are reports from Jo Gould and RE committee , 1965-1973

b.      In a separate folder shown as 22b are various religious education reports, 1968-70

23. Various meetings and letters on church fiscal crises, 1969-1970; in a separate folder shown as 23a is a report of the Vanguard Committee on the future health of the church, 1969-70

24. Correspondence related to John Fuller's resignation, 1973

25. List of services for 1972-73 with statistics on presenters; in a separate folder shown as 25a is a preliminary report of consensus meetings, April 1, 1973

26. Statement by John Fuller regarding plans to seek another church, April, 10, 1973; statement of the board in response to this, April 11, 1973; letter from JCF to congregation announcing acceptance of call to Scituate, MA, June 15, 1973; invitation to farewell party for JCF on July 28, 1973

27. Correspondence about microfilming May letters at Cornell, 1963-1966

28. Memorial services for JCF on December 15, 1974; newspaper clippings regarding his death

29. Photo of Ric Masten and congregation in back yard of the church, November 5, 1997

30. Canvass materials 1968, 1971

31. Sermons and addresses b other ministers and friends 1960s and 70s

32. Typed copy of "Samuel Joseph May: Abolitionist" by Charles D'Arriello, undated

33. Sermon by Isabel Aird, September 10, 1967 "Beyond the Ego"

34. Sermon by Cathy Covert February 13, 1972 "The Remarkable Mr. May"

35. Publications from UUA authored by Elizabeth Manwell

a.      "The First of Life," 52 pages, 1964

b.      "Always Growing," 8 pages, undated

36. Material related to Jo Gould:

a.      UUA publication, "A Guide to the Use of Conversations with Children,"

by Josephine Gould, 16 pages, undated

b.      8 x 10b & w photo of Jo Gould presenting flowers to children

c.      Science Series "What is Real," by Jo and Lawrence Gould, 30 pages, 1964

d.      3 x 5 color print of Elizabeth Walsh, Jo Gould, and Doug Temple

37. Text and Film Strip "A Child Grows in the Church," by Jo Gould and Bob


38. Membership folder for 1962

39. Reports on Babyfold Study, 1961-1962

40. Committee reports on an organ at the Genessee St. building, 1962-1963

41. Analysis of DRE job, May, 1962

42. Commission study groups 1962

43. Fundraising events, 1962, 1970-71

44. MMC James St. - 3 photos, 1963; snapshots of razing, 1965

45. Letter from Program Council regarding Civil Rights groups holding meetings at

MMUS, October 1, 1963

46. Downtown Thanksgiving service, November 26, 1964 - order of service;

newsclip and photos of JCF

47. Annual meeting programs and reports, 1962-1965

48. Membership activities, 1963-1967

49. Finance concerns 1964-1969

50. New Hymnal 1965

a.      Introductory letter, 2-1-65

b.      Sample hymns

51. Petition and vote - teenaged board member, 1969

52. Annual meeting programs and reports 1966-1972

53. Statement by JCF to NYS constitutional convention, 1967

54. Papers on JCF work with conscientious objectors, 1967-1969

55. Summer church programs 1967

56. Operating manual - committees 1968

57. Letter to Board of Education, Syracuse, endorsing campus plan

58. Summary by E. Rosebrugh - "Religion and the Tax-Supported School" - undated

(shown earlier as 1949)

59. Fuller vs. IRS, letter, 1970

60. Charman art exhibit, May, 1971

61. Public Affairs Committee activities, 1961-1965

62. Scattered Site Public Housing Committee, 1965

63. Letters -D. Kobemess/WSYR, 1969

64. Church council , 1966-1968

65. Memorial service for Elizabeth Lewis - 4-20-69

66. Pledge letter to congregation -1-29-73

67. Selected Fuller Sermons -1964-65




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